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PCI Minus Surgical Backup Gets More Support

Community hospitals without surgical services can safely perform percutaneous coronary intervention in low-risk patients -- and not refuse higher-risk patients either, the MASS COMM trial found.

Drug Gets Better, but Pricey, Basal Cell Ca Results

MIAMI BEACH -- Surgical removal of basal cell carcinoma lesions resulted in smaller cosmetic defects in patients who received neoadjuvant vismodegib, according to results of a small clinical series, but the cost of the treatment was high.

Clues Found for Disparity in Botox Facial Dose

Upper facial muscles require substantially greater paralysis than lower facial muscles to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance in patients with wrinkles, necessitating higher doses of onabotulinum toxin A, a study suggested.

FDA OKs New Silicone Gel Breast Implant

WASHINGTON -- The FDA has approved a new silicone gel breast implant for augmentation and reconstruction of women's breast tissue.

Studies Back Drug to Trim Double Chin

An injectable drug that disrupts fat cell membranes effectively reduced fat deposits under the chin in two phase III studies.

New Hour Rules Not Necessarily Helping Interns

´╗┐New duty hour regulations meant to limit fatigue and promote patient safety haven't improved outcomes for surgical interns, researchers found.

Breast Lift, Implant Safe Together

A combined mastopexy and augmentation -- preferred by many women seeking breast plastic surgery -- is as safe as doing the two procedures separately, according to a retrospective, single-center analysis.

AHA 2014: Inching Forward

Dr John Mandrola picks the standouts and big stories (standouts or not) from the AHA meeting this week. on Medscape

MagnaSafe Proves Most Device Patients Safe in MRI Scanner

Dr Melissa Walton-Shirley relates the results of the MagnaSafe registry and makes a plea for healthcare providers and device makers to pay attention. on Medscape

A Promising New Drug for Relapsing MS

A drug that targets the sphingosine-1 receptor results in less new brain damage on MRI in patients with MS. Medscape Neurology

A Cause for Nocturnal Wakefulness in Alzheimer Disease?

A study examines cerebrospinal orexin levels to better understand sleep disruption and cognitive decline in Alzheimer disease. Medscape Neurology

Is It Possible to Exercise Too Much?

Does the 'too much exercise hypothesis' have any validity? Medscape Family Medicine

For Patients With Dementia: To E or Not to E

Does vitamin E slow functional decline in patients with Alzheimer disease? Medscape Internal Medicine

Are Your Patients With AF Taking Their Anticoagulants?

Samuel Goldhaber describes some sobering findings on anticoagulation adherence from a military healthcare database. on Medscape