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'Bionic Hand' Boosts Function After Braxial Plexus Injury

Treatment begins with elective amputation and includes selective nerve and muscle transfer.

I, Intern: Visible Scars

What does it take to begin reconstructing a burn patient's life?

Surgeons Got Rhythm, and Sometimes (Heart) Beat

A little song, a little dance, a little laparotomy: music to operate by.

Boob Glue, Spilt Beer: That's Improbable!

A weekly report from our friends over at Improbable Research.

Morning Break: Don't Worry About Ebola -- Worry About Cruises

Health news and commentary from around the Web, gathered by the ALLMedPage Today staff.

Few Adverse Events With Cosmetic Skin Procedures

Complication rate is well under 1%.

Evolution: Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Techniques have changed and improved.

Tailoring Type 2 Diabetes Treatment: Updated Guidance

Updates to the ADA/EASD guidance on treating hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes include a discussion of SGLT-2 inhibitors. Medscape Diabetes & Endocrinology

Montelukast's Underrecognized Adverse Drug Events

Leukotriene inhibitors, montelukast in particular, have been linked to numerous reports of neuropsychiatric events. What should clinicians know? FDA on Medscape

Smartphone Medicine: How It's Saving Lives

Physicians increasingly are using smartphones to monitor patients with life-threatening conditions and to diagnose more common conditions such as earaches. Medscape Business of Medicine

Can Prolonged Recovery From Concussion Be Predicted?

Data from almost 250 concussions reveal that no single feature -- such as loss of consciousness -- can predict recovery. Medscape Pediatrics

Athletes and AF: Connecting the Lifestyle Dots

Recovering cyclist addict John Mandrola is convinced that excess exercise increases the risk of AF. He outlines the evidence and asks how you would treat such a case. on Medscape

Doctors' Never-Ending Battle: Emotion vs Reason

The inner conflict between rationality and emotionality is a constant source of stress for physicians. Striking the right balance, however, can translate to healthier patients and happier physicians. Medscape Business of Medicine

Flu in Kids: Is Treat Early, Treat Often the Best Strategy?

Three pediatric experts debate the CDC's recommendations on use of antiviral medications in children with confirmed and suspected influenza. Society of Hospital Medicine